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Serving a Vital and Growing  Sector

Founded in 1993, The ALS Group provides independent fee-based insurance and risk-management advisory services to diverse clients ranging from middle-market regional organizations to large national accounts. More than Consultants, we act as our clients’ “outsourced risk manager” to help them embrace a holistic and “three-dimensional” approach to managing risk—an approach that far transcends “reducing insurance costs.”

Given the heightened awareness of risk and increased scrutiny of corporate governance, a renewed focus on enterprise risk management, and new legislation aimed at controlling risk, the opportunities for our innovative practice model abound. Indeed, over the last ten years, The ALS Group has enjoyed steady double-digit growth, fueling our need for outstanding individuals to join our team and embrace our mission to help our clients succeed.

A Diverse  Practice  Base

While our target market typically focuses on organizations with EBITDA between $20 and $100 million, our client base spans numerous industries, including retail, real estate, construction, manufacturing, and energy to name but a few.

Our services span distinct practice verticals, including:

  • General  Business Advisory  including Risk Management Assessments (RMA)
  • Construction
  • Real  Estate
  • Transaction  Services (mergers & acquisitions and project finance bankruptcy support)
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Programs
  • Human  Capital  Practice (group benefit programs, environmental health & safety, and general human resources advisory)

What  We Value in an ALS Group  Candidate

The ALS Group works in a fast-paced environment where excellent communication skills and superior client service are paramount. To that end, we seek candidates with  high energy, service-oriented approach who are well versed in all facets of risk management and insurance advisory—and who can demonstrate substantial professional and technical experience in a progressively challenging environment. Professional designations for ARM, CPCU, CRIS, or related fields are preferred.

Our associates actively support the development and execution of our clients’ strategic plans for risk management. To successfully support our clients, associates must demonstrate the drive and ability to:

  • Conduct a Risk Management Assessment (RMA) and develop a project-oriented plan of action.
  • Understand and be able to audit insurance policy language and suggest improvements to better respond to the client’s risk exposures.
  • Conduct broker reviews and competitive tender exercises for coverage and services placement.
  • Review risk-related sections of commercial contracts including construction contracts, leases,  purchase and sale agreements, suggesting modifications that would improve the client’s risk position.
  • Effectively integrate into the client’s organizational structure to create a high level of risk awareness and to maintain focus on execution of the risk-management plan.

The ALS Group is committed to help you succeed by supporting both your personal and professional development. While you will be expected to continually expand your knowledge base and pursue professional studies that will help you become a better advisor, we will support you through these activities, and will pay for Firm-sanctioned professional studies during your tenure with us.

What  We Expect of  Our  Team

The ALS Group is committed to “best practice standard” operations—defined as those activities which align with consistently and effectively providing superior client service along with cost effectiveness to our  Firm, able to be repeatedly delivered to a broad base of clients in a profitable manner.

Our Mission Statement, Values, Workplace Ideals, and Corporate Principles are tenets that we live by and guide the  Firm’s operation. We expect every one of our associates to subscribe to these principles to effectively grow and prosper with  the firm. We also believe that from time to time circumstances will challenge the firm and its associates to stick by these principles; therefore, we are proud to maintain an environment wherein any associate can raise a question to the CEO if they ever feel the  Firm is not holding true to its principles.

We are an entrepreneurial organization that is committed to returning an above average return on equity for our stakeholders. We will encourage and challenge our associates to always use the  Firm’s resources wisely. Our time is our inventory, and we expect a fair return on investment. Our  Associates are required to record billable time daily through our practice-management system while asking themselves “Would you pay you?” and “What value did we deliver for the money?” if you were a client and received the invoice. We expect all our associates to put in the time necessary to accomplish the work that our clients require in an efficient manner. As a results-driven office, we will not micromanage your time. We firmly believe in the adage “results not excuses” and accountability is critical for any  Associate.

We are a firm that embraces technology, as we believe it is a vital component of our business model. You will be expected to have above-average skills with MS Word and Excel and will be challenged to learn our proprietary systems, believe in their use, and suggest ways of improving and enhancing them. Project management, time/activity reporting, data management systems, and a suite of risk management and insurance systems yield efficiency and improve the utilization rate that we are able to achieve as a Firm. Our cutting-edge technology gives us a competitive advantage over other consulting models in that it provides us with the ability to deliver client service that exceeds expectations, at a competitively priced and profitable level. We employ an industry-specific proprietary risk-management system that supports our  Associates and ensures that our rigid standards of best practice, performance, and client delivery are consistently applied.

Our  Entrepreneurial  Style

Our clients expect results, and we deliver. Too many consulting firms suffer from “paralysis by analysis.” Not us. We allow—and expect—our associates to make decisions and implement solutions. We value critical-thinking and expect you to be a problem solver  who takes the lead  in identifying and implementing solutions. We move fast, and we encourage our  Associates to be innovative and solution-minded. We want them to listen to our clients, hear the challenges they face, devise a solution, and act on it. In our view, a right decision is best, a wrong decision is a learning experience, and no decision is unacceptable.

We want you to achieve successes every day with us. We boast an open-floor environment that contributes to our collaborative culture. While our office is business casual, we are always ready to receive clients or be called into a meeting.

What our Team can expect from Us

We are a small organization so our team can expect to be able to shine for the work and effort they put into their day to day. We provide excellent benefit packages for our team to choose from and even offer a 401K with a company contribution of a percentage of your overall salary after a qualifying period!

The daily grind… Yes we work hard here at ALS and everyone that joins the team must expect to be results driven. Our CEO, Al Sica, drives results right beside you. You can expect a 50-55 hour work week and also have the ability to work remotely, at times, given our technology platform. Fifteen days of PTO is standard for any level of seniority position you’re applying for. We are conveniently located in
Edison, NJ right near the Metropark train station. Metropark train station offers commuting abilities from other locations throughout NJ as well as easy access from NYC! The 379 Thornall Street building, offers a café inside for easy breakfast and lunch options, a deli for lotto tickets, snacks and drinks until 6pm daily, a newly renovated gym in the building lobby as well as the building has free parking for all employees.

We support a feedback based culture where you have the opportunity to give and get constructive feedback as we have an in house HR/Talent Management representative on our team, Jessica Aviles. HR is there for the business and for the people. You can expect HR to support you through discussion planning with a leader, give you training, help you with reaching your billable goals, and deliver performance based conversations directly. Speaking of Culture…We encourage team members to participate in Lunch and Learns, the Celebration of National Holidays (Ex: National French Fry day) and we make team donations regularly to different organizations as we try to make a conscious effort to support our community any way that we can. Fun fact: We wear jeans on Friday’s and every other day we have a business casual dress code policy!

Our team is diverse in backgrounds, languages spoken, ages, races, etc. We empower women leaders and support growth for anyone who thinks about the business if it were their own. The ability for The ALS Group to offer a path to partnership is a huge perk as your time accrues with the organization. A bigger piece of the puzzle to not only apply for a job but generate a lifestyle. 

The ALS Group runs an internship program every semester and in the summer months supporting learning for the next generation. We work with schools such as Columbia University and Temple University to recruit talent. A Mentor/Mentee program is put in place for new hires and interns as well as existing staff for long term professional development. The ALS team is required to obtain their NJ Property & Casualty Producers License and will be required to achieve this if they do not have it as they come onboard.

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