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The ALS Group’s real estate practice is designed to support you with all the insurance and risk management aspects of your real estate portfolio. Those involved in Real Estate face many challenges due to stakeholder involvement and insurance industry scrutiny. ALS has the expertise to deal with the most common issues you face:

  • Location Construction; Operations; Protection and Exposures must be clear;
  • Lender requirements need to be supported for what is commercially reasonable to the owner and available in the insurance marketplace;
  • Protection from zoning and ordinance complications with rebuilding and insurance proceeds;
  • Institutional Investor reviews on what coverage and cost is reasonable;
  • Acquisitions of new properties and a complete understanding of the risk, claim implications of the past and how they can be leveraged in a transaction.

“Having The ALS Group as our Independent Insurance Consultants has allowed our senior management to take a more strategic view of risk management.”

David Levinson – CEO, L&L Holdings, LLC


Development (Construction)

The construction industry faces unique challenges when it comes to risk management. The involvement of multiple stakeholders and potential mismanagement of project risks threaten success at every turn. A depth of experience and expertise are essential to properly manage construction project risk. Fortunately, The ALS Group has advised on and supported numerous construction projects of varying sizes. Our team of risk management professionals works closely with property owners and project sponsors to offer a comprehensive view of project risks and mitigation solutions.Construction project risk management with The ALS Group includes:

Risk Consulting & Solutions:

  • Risk analysis to identify and control project risks
  • Advise on appropriate risk retention
  • Crisis management and business continuity planning
  • Develop bid documents
  • Transactional support during sales and acquisitions
  • Cost- and coverage-comparison for institutional investors
Insurance Consulting & Solutions:
  • Negotiate program structure, terms and conditions to achieve comprehensive coverage with the lowest Total Cost of Risk (TCoR)
  • Manage the insurance tender process
  • Review insurance policies and certificates for compliance with contractual requirements
  • Claims advocacy
  • Negotiate claim settlements
  • Review project bid documents
  • Verify contractor bid credit calculations
  • Manage broker and/or TPA administration
  • Coordinate annual collateral reviews with insurance carrier
  • Organize annual stewardship meetings
  • Attend monthly CIP management meetings
  • Track financial progress throughout the project life cycle

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