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Onboarding. Our people are our biggest assets, and we support and nurture their development. Since we employ proprietary practice-management systems, we thoroughly train each new member of The ALS Group  on these systems and the comprehensive best practices that guide each aspect of our work.

Continuing Education.  We support team members in their pursuit of industry-specific knowledge through attendance of conferences, related coursework, and certification programs. Pursuing and successfully completing certification programs (CPCU, ARM, CRIS, CIC, etc.) and obtaining and maintaining appropriate state licensure are required for continued employment and advancement. We also support individual team members who may be interested in or have a need to further their skills in a particular technology or topic area. We offer a wide range of online skills-training modules to all employees and have a vast library of industry  specific books, periodicals, and other resources available for use.

Mentoring. Senior team members at The ALS Group serve as mentors to those team members with less experience—both in the industry and at our Firm. They provide daily guidance and direction to aid in the development and advancement of all team members. In addition to this formal responsibility, ALS Group team members are just that—members of a team. We work together to solve problems and support one another.

Performance  Evaluations. Each employee receives ongoing coaching through our  Periodic Management Reviews.   The review is a  process that outlines each staff member’s key performance indicators so that goals are clearly defined, and weighs their personal evaluation against that of management.

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