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Career Testimonials

What makes The ALS Group unique is the way we conduct ourselves. It’s more than professionalism. It’s a combined set of values that guides our relationships with clients, partners, and one another.

“The ALS Group offers a first class internship experience for students. It allows them access to staff members and clients alike, as students assist the day to day work of the risk consultation organization. Columbia University students rave about how they feel part of the team and are able to learn in real time being exposed to projects of great consequence. The ALS Group supports interns apart of the program and provides them with practical ways to put their education to work in risk and analytical roles. I cannot recommend ALS enough for students interested in gaining valuable experience which will enhance their career aspirations, whatever those may be.”
-Paul Maniaci, Assistant Director, Industry Relations (Columbia University, School of Professional Studies)
“I have been working with The ALS Family for just about 3 years now and there is no position that has made me feel more fulfilled in my career thus far! The ALS Team is not only a technically proficient group of professionals but also a fun group of people who play hard and work harder. As the team Talent Manager, I couldn’t be more proud and honored to guide the internal talent and run the intern program while developing a pool of future candidates to join the organization.”
—Jessica Aviles, VP of Talent Management
“I've worked for The ALS Group for 10+ years, starting as a graphic designer and worked my way up to Partner. I've had the (hands on) opportunity to learn about running a business, participate in business planning and have traveled overseas! If you're someone who works hard and treats the business as you would your own, you will benefit and be afforded every opportunity to succeed. ”
—Jon Edwards, Partner, Cyber Risk Advisor
“At The ALS Group, we believe in working hard and delivering extraordinary results for our clients, while driving profitable growth for our Firm. We employ integrity, accountability, and entrepreneurship in all we do, while building a positive team and family spirit.”
—Albert Sica, Founder and Managing Principal
“I had been working at The ALS Group for approximately a year. I started my journey in the ALS internship program and was offered a full-time opportunity as a Technical Assistant on the Client Service Team! During my time at The ALS Group, I had a lot of opportunities to not only learn about insurance risks/coverages but also got exposed to clients from different industries and helped them assess and mitigate risks that are unique to their industries. There was a supportive culture at ALS, and the team communicated efficiently and effectively. The resources were limitless and the opportunities to learn from an experienced Account Manager were a part of my day-to-day.”
-Corrine Chen, Former Technical Assistant
"The ALS Group had been an incredible company to partner with for a number of years. I joined Columbia University's Career Design Lab (CDL) in the School of Professional Studies at the beginning of 2018, and after being connected with Jessica Aviles and Irina Lendensky, some of the warmest talent acquisition professionals in the field, we quickly began working on funneling Columbia's top students into their internship program. As of Summer 2019, The ALS Group had hired 17 of our students in just under three years, several of whom had transitioned into full-time roles! At CDL, we couldn't have been prouder to see our students from M.S. programs such as Enterprise Risk Management, Applied Analytics, and Actuarial Science get the opportunity to see how their classroom learning directly applied to real business problems and client solutions.

We'd partnered with The ALS Group in a variety of ways. From posting positions on our proprietary digital career community, The Hub, powered by Graduway, to on-campus interviews and large scale recruiting events such as our Career Hot Spots. This level of engagement gave them one our highest designations within the CROWN Employer Engagement Program: "Monarch." This program offered employers a variety of ways to engage our students, office, and school during a given year, and based on those touchpoints, employers acquired points, or "jewels." Because The ALS Group was one of our most active employers, through the CROWN Program they had received benefits for the large volume of work they did with the School of Professional Studies. The best example was having their employer registration fee waived for the Fall 2019 Career Hot Spot.

Our Career Design Lab was lucky to have had this type of relationship with The ALS Group. They were a firm that did incredible work in the field of insurance and risk management consulting. We'd found a natural pipeline of talent from several of our Master of Science programs right to their door, and we aimed for the relationship to just get stronger."
-Greg Costanzo, Fomer Associate Director of Industry Relations, Career Design Lab Columbia University | School of Professional Studies
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