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The ALS Group has developed and mentored interns for our program since 2017. Primarily the program is staffed with candidates coming from Columbia University's Enterprise Risk Management Program while we also recruit from Temple University's Fox School of Business, specifically, from their pool of Risk Management students as well as St. John's University where we have had much success. The program has been designed to "home grow" talent to not only develop them throughout their time as a student but also groom some of our interns for a full time entry level positions with the firm.

Contact Jessica Aviles at and follow her on LinkedIn to see career updates and ways you can be a part of the internship program at The ALS Group in the future!

The ALS Group Summer 2023 Internship Program

The ALS Group Summer 2022 Internship Program

The ALS Group Summer 2021 Internship Program

The ALS Group Summer 2020 Internship Program

In 2021, Corrine Chen joined The ALS Group as a Technical Analyst. Corrine started as an intern and has continued working closely with the Account Managers in a full time role to guide our clients through risk related challenges that impact their organizations. Check out her full bio.

The ALS Group Fall 2020 Internship Program

The ALS Group Summer 2019 Internship Program

The ALS Group Summer 2018 Internship Program 

The ALS Group Spring 2018 Internship Program

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