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The ALS Group Career Path

At The ALS Group, we believe in maintaining an environment that will allow our associates to grow with our Firm. Thus, we are deeply committed to learning and exposing  Associates of all levels to our clients—and involving them in helping resolve the most complex challenges our clients face.


Analysts typically join the firm recently out of school with a year or two of related experience under their belt. We like to see some exposure to risk management, the insurance or consulting industries before they join ALS. We consider this our most junior role; however, that doesn’t mean our Analysts sit on the sidelines. We immerse them in training right away, teaching them to use our proprietary systems and best practices, and provide them with the industry knowledge they need to become an integral part of a client service team. We support our Analysts through education and development and give them added responsibility as their careers grow.


Consultants have an even larger role in client engagement. They are often the primary contact for a client’s day-to-day risk management related issues. While a Manager will help the Consultant set the direction and strategy for the overall client engagement, it is ultimately the Consultant (along with the Analyst) who is responsible for the day-to-day execution. Consultants also coach the Analysts on their team, ensuring they are successful in reaching their full potential.


Managers are responsible for leading a team of Consultants and Analysts. The Manager oversees multiple client engagements and sets up strategy for their management. As the Manager continues to develop, he or she will become more involved in business development and the growth of The ALS Group as a whole.

Career Path

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