The ALS Group Corporate Principles

The ALS Group Corporate Principles, as articulated by the Firm’s Founder and Managing Principal, Albert Sica:

The ALS Group will continually maintain the utmost standards of professionalism, integrity, and honesty. Period.

Our employees will exercise professionalism and a deep respect for their work and client service.

We will always respect the rights of the individual, as well as the traditions and culture of the communities and companies we serve.

We will always exercise due care and attention to ensure that customers’ property is used properly, while making every effort to protect The ALS Group’s property and business activities.

Independence and Transparency

The ALS Group is committed to providing fiercely independent professional advice to our clients without any financial stake in the outcome. We pledge to serve our clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity, always using a professional approach and placing the best interests of our clients above all others.
We will always set realistic client expectations by providing written engagement letters which outline our obligations along with the fees and any expenses which we may incur while performing such obligations.
We will always operate responsibly and with integrity, avoiding even the appearance of impropriety. We conduct our business honestly, conscientiously, and free of deception or fraud. We observe all applicable laws and regulations.
It is every employee’s duty to adhere to these principles. Any perceived deviation should be immediately reported to the president.

Conflicts of interest

The ALS Group represents and performs services for its clients as a fiduciary. Continually holding ourselves to the highest standard of care, we will not accept an engagement from a prospective client whose interests conflict with any current ALS Group client.
The ALS Group will not accept engagements from any insurer or underwriter, nor will we enter into any agreements with any insurer, underwriter, or broker, since we deem such relationships to be antithetical to our fiduciary duty to our clients.
The ALS Group staff is to avoid any real or apparent conflict between personal interests and those of the Firm. ALS Group assets and resources are for use in ALS Group business only.


All information we receive from any source that pertains to the work done for our clients is strictly confidential and will be managed in accordance with the confidential expectations of our client. All other information, whether internally generated or not, must be handled with discretion. It is not to be misused to place the ALS Group at a potential or actual commercial advantage, or for the benefit of another who is not entitled to receive it.
Some of our clients are corporations whose shares are publicly traded in accordance with federal and state securities laws. It is a violation of law for any person to trade directly in shares of securities when in possession of nonpublic information. Because of the breadth of this requirement, EMPLOYEES ARE PROHIBITED FROM TRADING IN SECURITIES INVOLVING ANY OF OUR CLIENTS WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM THE ALS GROUP PRESIDENT. Violation of this rule is grounds for immediate termination.

Internal Operational and Accounting Controls

The ALS Group understands the importance of maintaining adequate operational and financial controls to conduct an effective and accountable business. We are continually perfecting our operational best practices through revision and ongoing training. It is the Firm’s policy that the records and accounts of the business must be reliable, truthful, accurate, complete, current, and comply with prescribed standards and regulations.

Business Gifts, Favors, and Entertainment

The ALS Group prohibits the practice of giving or receiving gifts to or from brokers, insurance companies, or underwriters, and discourages the practice of giving to or receiving gifts from others, even if such gifts are of nominal value. This applies to gifts made indirectly by another on The ALS Group’s behalf. We believe that the results we deliver, rather than the influence of gifts, best serve everyone’s interests.

Conduct Toward Employees

The ALS Group is committed to its employees. We support and encourage personal and professional growth within the organization. We believe in the inherent dignity of every employee and do not allow practices which infringe upon this. The ALS Group is an equal opportunity employer. Associates are recruited for their relevant aptitudes, skills, experience, and ability. Discrimination or harassment based on legally protected class or activity is not permitted. Treatment at all times shall be fair in terms of compensation, job security, work experiences, recognition of achievement, and opportunities for advancement.

I personally stand by these principles and commit The ALS Group to following them both in letter and spirit.

Sincerely, Albert L. Sica

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