The ALS Group Core Values

Our Core Values define our Firm and what we stand for. While they may confer a competitive advantage, that’s not why we have them. We would be committed to them even if they served a competitive disadvantage in certain cases.

• Accountability. We own problems and are always responsive. We believe in a client-driven urgency that will address and resolve issues quickly and decisively. We drive results in all our engagements.

• Courage. We are committed to doing what is right even in the face of personal or professional adversity. We challenge the status quo to make things better. We recognize that innovation often comes from trial and error—and so we learn from our mistakes to become better.

• Independence. We will never compromise our advice or actions due to relationships that may conflict with doing what is right. We make a commitment not to allow business situations, in any form, to undermine or weaken our standards when dealing with our people, clients, stakeholders, vendors, or the communities we serve.

• Corporate Commitment. We are committed to high-quality earnings through hard work and delivering extraordinary results leading to strong, consistent long-term client relationships.

• People. We put a high priority on attracting great people. Our people are critical thinkers, doing exceptional quality work and maintaining technical competence through a commitment to training, professional education, and active mentoring. We empower individuals and rely on them to use their abilities responsibly. We work hard and insist on individual productivity.

• Integrity. We do what we say we will do. We always interact with our clients and our colleagues in a fair and ethical manner, gaining trust through our actions. Integrity epitomizes the character of our company.

• Urgency. We deliver quality results quickly and on time, every time. We make prompt yet thoughtful decisions and adapt our actions to a fast-changing environment.

• Innovation and Knowledge. We strive for a well-informed and creative approach—we look at things three-dimensionally. Through our commitment to people, we develop leaders with technical expertise to meet the needs of ever more sophisticated challenges.

• Service. We maintain a servant-leader mindset. We have a passion for meeting and exceeding client needs and expectations. We demand a lot from ourselves to consistently deliver on promises we make.

• Respect. We believe that respect for one another leads to greater team engagement, productivity, staff satisfaction, and personal accomplishment. We strive to be kind, considerate, friendly, and courteous to our staff, clients, vendors, and stakeholders.

• Leadership. We demand quality leadership to mature the next generation of leaders within the Firm. We are committed to being thought-leaders within our clients’ industries.

• Enthusiasm. We enjoy what we do and are passionate about providing the highest-level quality and service to our clients.

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