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We manage more than a quarter billion dollars of premiums for a diverse range of clients around the globe. 

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OFAC Advisory Makes Paying Cyber Extortion Ransom Illegal

Ransomware continues to be a major issue for companies regardless of the size. It may be hard to believe, but the reason for this lies with the victims, because the quickest and most often used resolution to the attack is to pay the ransom. While paying the ransom, may resolve a problem for an organization, it encourages cyber criminals to continue the attacks.

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How Long Should you Keep your Insurance Policies?

As, risk managers, we often get asked by clients, “what is the appropriate period to retain insurance policies” – the easy answer is “forever”… You are probably thinking that guidance seems a bit excessive, however quite a few types of policies, such as commercial general liability, may be triggered long after the policy has expired and thus should not be discarded but rather meticulously tracked.

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Congratulations to Southern Marinas

Congratulations to Southern Marinas Holdings II, LLC on the purchase of Elliott Bay Marina, one of the largest private marinas on the West Coast. The ALS Team is proud to be part of Southern Marina’s acquisition team and appreciates the opportunity to partner with such a wonderful organization and its leadership team to support their risk management due diligence efforts.  Click on the image below to read Southern Marinas full press release.      

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Five Tips to Help Prevent Ransomware

As organizations are becoming more aware of Cyber-attacks and Ransomware and are improving IT security tools they use; Ransomware and Cyber criminals are also evolving and are devising new ways to breach a company’s systems.  In addition, expenses related to Cyber breaches/attacks are steadily increasing.  Ponemon’s 2019 Cost of a Data Breach study noted that “breaches originating from a malicious Cyber-attack were not only the most common, but also the most expensive.” Below are several tips to help combat Ransomware and other Cyber threats: Strong passwords aren’t enough – companies should be implementing and enforcing two factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access using a company account, especially for users with

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Celebrating the Fourth of July Post-Pandemic

As the Covid related restrictions are being lifted and we are slowly returning to our pre-pandemic routines, we are all looking forward to celebrating Independence Day. Fireworks are a staple of Fourth of July celebrations in the United States, and while some small towns are still scaling back their professional fireworks displays, Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks on the East River are back in full force.  People are gathering again for cookouts in their backyards, parks and beaches to barbecue and put on their own firework displays.  The ALS team is celebrating our first Independence Day in our new home and, as always, our mindset is that of mitigating risks. 

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The ALS Group Welcomes Ina Koeder to the Internship Program

The ALS Team welcomes Ina Koeder to the Internship Program.  Ina is part of the MS Enterprise Risk Management program at St. John’s University and we look forward to helping her apply the skills she learned during her MS program to real life situations. Welcome to team Ina!

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The Great American Flag to be Unfurled in New York City for the Nation’s Bicentennial

The Great American Flag – the largest flag ever made, measuring 193 feet by 366.5 feet – will be displayed on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge on July 3rd and 4th as a salute to the nation’s Bicentennial, it was announced today jointly by J.Clarence Davies Jr., Chairman of the New York City Bicentennial Corporation;  David L. Yunich, Chairman of the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority, and Dwight C. Minton, President of Church & Dwight Co., Inc. makers of Arm & Hammer products, sponsors of the Flag.  Mr. Minton stated that the project has been undertaken because Arm & Hammer has been celebrating their 130th year during the nations’ Bicentennial, and because

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A two-story brick building with white trim is decorated with red, white, and blue bunting along a white picket fence.

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day signals the unofficial start of summer and, as the AAA predicts, almost 37 million Americans will be travelling this Memorial Day for the first time in over a year. Whether you and your family are planning a trip to the beach or just having friends over for a barbecue in the back yard, please stay safe and enjoy the long weekend! As you and your loved ones gather to celebrate the unofficial start of summer, please take a moment to remember the true meaning of the Memorial Day and to honor those who sacrificed their lives for our country. The ALS team wants to thank the men and

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A "Happy Mother's Day" card


  Mother’s Day is a special day to honor all moms and while we honor our own moms, we wanted to give a shout out to all of the moms who are part of our team!

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Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

The ALS Group whole-heatedly believes in being an equal opportunity employer. The diverse group of women who work in our office are critical thinkers who do exceptional quality work, and maintain technical competence through a commitment to training, professional education, and active mentoring. We proudly empower them to use their abilities responsibly.  For International Woman’s Day, we asked the women of the ALS Team to answer one question: How has your role at The ALS Group empowered you? Here are their answers: 

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