Insurance Tracking & Certificate Compliance Services


Elevate your risk management strategy with The ALS Group’s COI Compliance services. Certificate of Insurance Compliance is an integral part of any risk management plan and should not be an afterthought.

Tender Claims

Protect your company's balance sheet by ensuring you have the ability to tender claims.

Get Time Back for Your Team

Let us handle all of your vendor's insurance docs, maintain compliance standards, and track expire dates so you get time back to complete projects.

Validate Vendor Insurance

Confirm that vendors are meeting the insurance requirements in their contract.

The ALS Group will help your company:

The RiskComply Advantage

Our new cutting-edge COI Compliance database has been meticulously designed to streamline the collection and review of COIs and policy endorsements while providing transparency into the compliance status of your vendors and projects.

RiskComply’s automation and optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities provide our team with the tools needed to effectively navigate the demanding COI Compliance process which is often driven by investors and insurance market requirements.

Why ALS and COI Compliance?

The ALS Group has developed a COI Compliance process that is both streamlined and flexible based on our Client’s needs.

The COI Compliance process is a key element of the Risk Management puzzle. Companies struggle to implement and maintain a successful vendor compliance program which may lead to denial of claims tendering, increased costs, lost time, project delays, and hidden vicarious liability.

We feel that simply collecting certificates and checking boxes is not enough to properly vet third parties whose work puts your company or project at risk.

Our Compliance appropach ensures that the exposures brought on by a vendor’s scope of work is adequately covered by THEIR insurance, and the risk of their negligence is properly shifted downstream and away from you.

Our dedicated COI Compliance team reviews a vendor’s insurance with risk management in mind.

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