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New Year, New Leadership: Elevating Risk Management at The ALS Group

The ALS Group is thrilled to announce promotions for our risk management team. These promotions reflect our commitment to excellence in the risk management industry and underscore our dedication to recognizing and rewarding leadership qualities and innovative thinking in our associates as well as our dedication to growing and developing the next generation of leaders. 

 Strategic Promotions within The ALS Group in 2024

We are proud to congratulate the following individuals for their well-deserved promotions, highlighting their exceptional contributions to the business:

  • Jonathan Edwards, promoted to Managing Director, has been instrumental in implementing cutting-edge risk management strategies for our clients over the last 20 years;
  • Nicholas Sica, promoted to Managing Director, has excelled in developing robust risk assessment frameworks and leading our teams in effectively mitigating complex risks of our clients for the last 12 years;
  • Maria Randazzo, promoted to VP of Administration, has streamlined our risk management processes, ensuring operational efficiency and compliance with regulatory standards at ALS in 2023;
  • Jessica Aviles, promoted to SVP of Talent Management, has spearheaded initiatives to foster a culture of risk awareness, team building, recruitment and business evaluation as well as spearheaded growth from within across all levels of our organization for the last seven (7) years;
  • Ina Koeder, promoted a Senior Analyst, who started in the ALS internship program at the beginning of her journey to become a risk management professional, has demonstrated exceptional analytical skills in identifying and evaluating emerging risks, contributing to our strategic risk management planning at ALS for the last three (3) and a half years;
  • Mitchell Bernstein, promoted Senior Compliance Analyst, has played a critical role in reinforcing our vendor compliance programs and helping our clients downstream risk by ensuring their subcontractors and vendors have appropriate coverage for over seven (7) years ago.

At The ALS Group, we believe that the essence of effective risk management lies not only in professional expertise but also in the integrity and character of our people. Our newly promoted team members embody the principles of ethical conduct, diligence, and commitment to excellence in risk management and our firm as a whole.

Their achievements and leadership serve as a guide for the rest of our team, inspiring a holistic and proactive approach to managing the ever-evolving risks for our clients and their organizations. 

Forward-Thinking Risk Management in 2024

With these strategic promotions, we are set to further our risk management services, delivering unparalleled value to our clients and stakeholders. Our leadership team is poised to navigate the complexities of the risk landscape, driving innovation, scalability, and growth for The ALS Group.

Congratulations to Jonathan, Nicholas, Maria, Jessica, Ina, and Mitchell! We look forward to a year of groundbreaking achievements and continued success in the risk management industry. Here’s to a dynamic and prosperous 2024!

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Our areas of expertise include:

  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Cyber Security & Cyber Liability Insurance
  • Construction Management
  • Customized Risk Management Assessments (RMAs)

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