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Extreme Head and Worker Safety

With extreme temperatures in full swing, the focus on Worker Safety needs to be a priority. There are many industries that require their workforce to work outside in these high temperatures. It is important to implement aggressive measures to raise workers’ awareness of techniques that can reduce their heat-related stress and injuries. Some of these techniques include:

  • Encourage workers to use a buddy system while on the job.
  • Educate workers on the signs and symptoms of heat stress.
  • Consuming an adequate amount of liquids (water and sports drinks).

The article below, which was published by the Risk Management Society (RIMS) in 2021, is timeless in the guidance it suggests and gives more information about Worker Safety.

The image here is a great example of the measures that can be considered

Establishing a safety culture that will recognize these conditions and plan for prevention is a key aspect of a positive work environment. While the reduction of worker injuries has economic advantages for the employer the real benefit is the safety of your workers.

Additionally, companies should conduct timely, thorough, and regular inspections to ensure compliance with health and safety measures. There should be enough shaded rest areas, work hours should be adjusted accordingly, and the rest areas must be well-maintained. Provide a water supply that is free, adequate, and accessible, along with effective ventilation and temperature-appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Schedule discussions with workers to protect their well-being and address labor risks effectively.

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