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We manage more than a quarter billion dollars of premiums for a diverse range of clients around the globe. 

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Contracts and Additional Insureds – Do You Really Have Protection?

  Recently, I came upon an interesting (albeit disturbing) example of how generic insurance obligation language in a contract left the Landlord without Additional Insured protection from their contractor. In the case of Seven Up Realty vs AJ Greenwich Contracting, the contract that Seven Up had with Greenwich did not REQUIRE Greenwich 

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COI Compliance: Do You Sleep at Night?

There are industries that entail managing insurance compliance among large numbers of vendors/contractors, which challenges even the most organized firm to manage the compliance properly. If done right, it’s a process which requires diligence and specialized knowledge:

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Certificate of Insurance Compliance: Eliminating the Blind Spots

Errors and even outright fraud in certificates of insurance is a growing problem. We encounter a 70% noncompliance rate on initial documents. The certificate of insurance compliance function protects a company by ensuring that its contractors have appropriate types and amounts of insurance coverage. The burden of this compliance process is often underestimated.

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Safety is good business!

With all the rules and regulations with which a business needs to comply, an often overlooked area is workplace safety compliance and, specifically, the implications of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration or OSHA. On top of avoiding workers compensation and worker-related frictional costs (production loss/worker distraction, training costs/replacement worker, loss of skill/efficiency – slowed production, administrative time, etc.) compliance can help avoid the penalties that OSHA can impose.

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Certificates of Insurance | Are You Covered? Maybe?

So you may have received a Certificate of Insurance (COI) from your vendor, and you feel comfortable that its employees now can be allowed on your building’s property. To you this may seem like they have given you a familiar card from Monopoly. With your supposed “get out of jail free” card, you allow vendors access to your building and allow contractors to perform work on your property. However, you may not be as “free” as you think.

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