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Dumpster Diving in 2020 – Lost “Art” or New Opportunity…

As most of the workforce continues to work remotely, the “data breach” exposures of yesteryear are still around. I doubt that any of your employees have been issued one of these as part of their “remote work setup”, but as people are settling in to a “new normal” in working from home, printing and reading documents is still prevalent. Only now, the security of that “paper” is often overlooked and can be simply discarded into the kitchen trash which is moved to the curb on garbage pickup days.

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Ways to Help Boost Workplace Safety

Senior leaders tend to look for a mythical “silver bullet” to improve the effectiveness of their Safety Program. What they don’t realize is that they can be the catalyst for change as the key safety champions in the company. By setting the proper tone at the top, senior leaders can establish safety as a priority for managers across the company. Employees look to managers for leadership and guidance.

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Notarize at Your Own Risk

Notaries are essential. You may know one or may be one yourself, and chances are, you will need one in the course of your life. There has been some form of a Notary Public in Ancient Egypt, proving that this job has been universally agreed upon as a noble public service undertaking for thousands of years. 

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NEW Sexual Harassment Training Requirements Going Into Effect

NY Employer Alert: NEW Sexual Harassment Training Requirements Going Into Effect

On October 9, 2018, NYS and NYC Governments enacted an anti-sexual-harassment law that carries pretty stringent requirements relating to employers’ anti-harassment policies and training. These labor laws have been revised and training requirements have been put in place by the Department of Labor in consultation with the Division of Human Rights. Originally, training was required by January 1, 2019 but, after some push back, the deadline was extended until October 9, 2019.

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Food Safety & D&O Insurance

It was not a very happy new year for Chipotle having been slapped with a shareholder class action lawsuit for “having known the fast food chain had inadequate safety practices but lied and omitted material facts in reports to stockholders”.

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Want to Mitigate Your Company’s 401k Plan Risks? Here’s One Way to Do It.

Fees and expenses associated with 401(k) plans have become a central issue for plan sponsors to manage in administering their company’s plan. The article in the July issue of CFO Magazine addressed some of the fiduciary risks for 401(k) plan sponsors and provided seven tips to minimize these risks. The third tip on the list? Benchmarking, benchmarking and more benchmarking.

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Workplace Safety & Loss Prevention NYS Code 59

Is your gross payroll more than $800,000? Do you know what your experience modification, or “mod” is? Is it above a 1.20 rating? If you answered yes to these questions then understanding the Industrial Code Rule 59 (“ICR59”) Program will save you money.

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How to Prevent Internal Fraud from Crippling Your Organization

In its 2012 Report to the Nations, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) found that organizations typically lose five percent of their revenue to fraud each year. Even more frightening is this statistic from that report: the medium loss of survey respondents was $140,000. Over one-fifth of the losses studied exceeded $1 million. Small-to-medium sized businesses are often fraud targets because they lack anti-fraud controls. The smallest organizations in the ACFE study suffered the largest median losses.

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Out of Pocket Limits Changes Begin in 2014

In employers’ 2014 plan year, all companies must ensure their non-grandfathered plans adhere to a single out of pocket (OOP) maximum for their employee’s health care plan expenses. This requirement applies to both fully insured and self-insured plans. Going forward, the OOP limit must include all spending on medical, prescription drugs and both mental health and substance abuse treatment benefits. Actuarial estimates indicate this change could increase employer health care costs between 1.5% and 2% next year.

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