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The healthcare industry’s risk landscape has become increasingly challenging, changeable and complex, as it faces unique and emerging risk factors. It is more critical than ever to partner with an expert risk management advisory team that has a deep understanding of the healthcare sector and its unique exposures, and one that is dedicated to your healthcare facility and available 24/7.

ALS’ Healthcare practice includes all facilities run by a hospital system including: specialty hospitals, psychiatric hospitals and ambulatory care, physician and dental practices, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and labs or testing facilities (e.g., blood banks). We are conscious of the need for strong risk identification and implementing Enterprise Risk Management Standards such as ASHRM ERM Framework and related guidance. With the active Merger and Acquisition activity in Healthcare it is critical that proper due diligence is done on any transaction. Our team of Transactional Services professionals can structure Due Diligence Reviews to methodically support this process.

Our deep bench of experienced healthcare risk management professionals will help your organization navigate the most technically complex risk challenges and develop innovative solutions for emerging risk exposure stemming from:

A scale shows "Pandemics & Disasters" outweighing "Cyber Breaches."
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These emerging risks must be mitigated and managed along with traditional risks facing the healthcare industry, including:

The ALS Group and our dedicated team of healthcare risk experts will provide your hospital, medical or rehabilitation facility or healthcare network with a three dimensional view of risk and deliver effective solutions for mitigating those risks.
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