Real Estate & Development

The ALS Group’s real estate practice is designed to support you with all the insurance and risk management aspects of your real estate portfolio. Those involved in Real Estate face many challenges due to stakeholder involvement and insurance industry scrutiny.

 ALS has the expertise to deal with the most common issues you face

Having The ALS Group as our Independent Insurance Consultants has allowed our senior management to take a more strategic view of risk management.
David Levinson – CEO, L&L Holdings, LLC

Development (Construction)

The construction industry faces unique challenges when it comes to risk management. The involvement of multiple stakeholders and potential mismanagement of project risks threaten success at every turn. A depth of experience and expertise are essential to properly manage construction project risk. Fortunately, The ALS Group has advised on and supported numerous construction projects of varying sizes. Our team of risk management professionals works closely with property owners and project sponsors to offer a comprehensive view of project risks and mitigation solutions.Construction project risk management with The ALS Group includes:

Risk Consulting & Solutions

Young couple consulting with their insurance agent in the office.

Insurance Consulting & Solutions


Claims advocacy

Negotiate claim settlements


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