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The ALS Group’s expertise in retail risk management will provide your company with the tools to integrate an informed risk strategy into your business operations. Today’s economic challenges present the need for retailers to out-manage their competitors. Our associates have the ability to guide your company on the most cost effective way to transfer risk and market your coverage with out jeopardizing the opportunity for premium savings.

The ALS Group will instill an integrated approach to the unique risks posed by the retail industry by managing your company’s entire portfolio of risk exposure: strategic, financial and operational. The ALS Group’s team of professionals will:

  • Align your company’s insurance coverage with the unique interdependence of Stores and Distribution facilities;
  • Design a system to capture costs so they can be managed effectively by Store, District or Regional Managers. Cost Allocation is generally well thought out for retailers, but the allocation of Insurance and Claims Costs is often overlooked;
  • The ALS Group will evaluate your supply chain risks to help minimize your company’s financial impact and reduce your Total Cost of Risk (TCoR). Like Manufacturers and Distributors, retailers are linked with outside suppliers and therefore the risks associated with them;
  • Reputation Risk is critical for a retailer. ALS can work with your Senior Leadership to identify areas which would lead to concern and assist in the preparation of a Public Relations Risk Management Plan to protect your company’s reputation should a high profile incident occur;
  • Accurately determine your insurable values and the effect of a business interruption, should one take place. This coupled with unique coverage features for retailers is where The ALS Group can provide value.

Tendering insurance is a critical aspect of the risk management process that ensures a company receives the most competitive proposals from both Brokers and Insurers. Since we are independent we do not favor any one broker or insurer, but rather drive the process aggressively so our clients realize the best overall results.


“ALS identified material risks to which the company was exposed and developed innovative and effective strategies to mitigate those risks. ALS has become True Religion’s trusted partner and is not viewed as a vendor but rather as our outsourced risk management department.”

True Religion Brand Jeans


Manufacturing and Distribution tends to be a complex industry. The outsourcing of different parties throughout the production process increases the risks and exposures your company faces. By taking a proactive approach to risk management, your company can better manage the financial impact from risks and develop mitigation strategies around them.

How can an effective mitigation strategy make an otherwise unacceptable risk into one that the company can tolerate?

The ALS Group will help identify and understand your company’s loss exposures, analyze and measure both their probability and financial impact to create a comprehensive risk management plan. Ranking as one of the top 10 business risks Senior Management face, supply chain risk will be incorporated into your company’s plan to protect the integrity of your product-to-market process.

“Not only did ALS improve our coverage and help cut down our uninsured claims, they also lowered our insurance costs. Their risk management consulting has become a valuable resource to how I run my company.”

Ken Feldman – Feldman Lumber


  • Improve collaboration with suppliers and partners;
  • Shift from single to multiple suppliers to minimize over-dependency and related vulnerability;
  • Benchmark the performance of suppliers to allow an “early warning system” that may signal a more systemic failure;
  • Conduct a risk assessment of key suppliers and develop a risk/reward score to evaluate outsourcing and the use of third party providers;
  • Complete a formal mapping of the supply chain including preparing a risk register outlining materiality and frequency expectations;
  • Review risks and penalties in contractual agreements to make the best use of broad wording and force majeure clauses when available;
  • Evaluate the intended delivery route for risk factors;
  • Evaluate IT security and the ability to track/re-route goods while they are in process or in due course of transit.
The ALS Group will orchestrate the risk management process to ensure that it is practical, remains commercially grounded and achieves the desired results.

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